Wednesday, 9 November 2011

OK, so what IS Design Led Construction™?

Design Led Construction™ is intended as an integrated approach to construction procurement that sets out a way of working designed to promote co-operation rather than division within the various elements that make up the construction industry.
Specifically, and most importantly, it sets out an approach where design team and contracting team work collaboratively during the project. The process understands the balance of risk and responsibility, and the way that this balance changes radically during the course of a project, and seeks to define a framework which recognises this, and which allows the shifts to occur as a managed part of the process, understood from the outset, avoiding unnecessary risk and adversarial situations.

What's all this with the ™ symbol? And a logo?

If you're anything like me, the sight of a logo; a logo with a ™ symbol no less, rings immediate alarm bells; someone thinks they're going to make a fast buck here.
So I imagine you asking; 'What is that big fat ™ doing in the title of this blog?'

Opening up

With many ideas about a Design Led approach to integrated construction, but only limited scope to develop them, it is clear that it is time to open up to a wider debate.
With any luck, this blog can be a focus for that.